I’m writing Acaratus

acaratus logoI’m happy to announce that it’s now official: I’m the writer on Acaratus.

Acaratus is an episodic turn-based, tactical RPG for PC set in a medieval steampunk world. Each player commands giant battle-suits, fighting on various areas over the known world. The game focuses on tactical maneuvering and character management.

Those of you who know me will regognize some elements from Jagged Alliance Flashback.

What I’ll be doing on Acaratus

I’ll be creating the characters and writing the story and dialogue for the single player campaign, and I got to tell you … It’s going to be great! We have a clear direction which – in my opinion – is fantastic. The story will have battles, action, and rich characters with personal conflicts, goals, and agendas.

Why the story for Acaratus is going to be special

It’s always great to work for people who trust me as a writer. The rest of the Acaratus team has been very open about the direction of the story and even some controversial suggestions to make the main character stand out. The story for Acaratus will hopefully take you for a ride into a range of emotions and drama – all while featuring some kick-ass gameplay.

Release date

Acaratus doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’re aiming at a release in 2016. For now you can head to acaratus.com for more information.

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