Story: A Christmas Apparel

boyLittle Tom only had one wish for Christmas. And it wasn’t a Playstation, a bike, a tablet, or a smartphone.

Tom was sitting in the windowsill watching the snow as the moon came out. His father joined him to admire the view.
“You know, Tom, if you wish on the Christmas moon on a night like this, your wish will come true.”
Later that night Tom pledged his Christmas wish to the moon. He closed his eyes and said the words: “Christmas Moon, Christmas Moon, grant me a wish very soon. Before I reach the count of ten, make my parents fall in love again.”

Little Tom counted to ten and fell asleep right there at the windowsill while watching the moon. As his father tucked him in Tom woke up for a brief moment.
“I wished on the Christmas Moon, dad. I wished for you and mom to be in love again.”
His father smiled with tears in his eyes. “I’d like that too, son.”

Christmas eve came and Tom had his bag packed; he was spending Christmas with his mother. When she arrived to pick him up, little Tom noticed that she brought a present with her.
“This is for you, John,” his mother said and handed Tom’s father the present.
“For me?” John smiled and shared a look with Tom.
“Open it, dad!” Tom said.
John opened the beautifully wrapped gift. “Plates? Cups? Knifes … they’re dirty. Uh! What a stench! What’s the … ”
Tom’s mother smiled. “Recognize them? I preserved everything from the breakfast you made for that fucking face-painted Duchess you brought into my house! Merry Christmas, enjoy. I sure as hell ain’t gonna clean them!”
She dragged Tom out of the door and slammed it.

Tom got a Playstation4 for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, he played several 18+ games till hours past his bedtime. When he noticed the reflection of the Christmas moon in the TV, he realized that this was the closest thing to love money could buy when you’re 8.


I hope this Christmas Story didn’t spoil your holiday spirit. Happy Christmas all! The year is coming to an end. I’ve had a busy and fantastic year – and December turned out to be the busiest month yet. Thanks to all the people who hired me this past year: Throughline Games, Lego, DFI, Danish Writer’s Association, Vallekilde, KulturVærftet, Reign Bros, PortaPlay, VidDjurs, Kulturstyrelsen, Interactive Denmark, InnoGames, GearWorks, Nodbrim Interactive  …

Merry Christmas!

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