Screenwriter debut in Virtual Reality about refugees

I think it’s about time that I tell you about “Flykten Från Sverige”, a Virtual Reality movie that I wrote the screenplay for. “Escape From Sweden”, if you want the English title, is shooting August 2016.

“Escape from Sweden” is my debut as screenwriter. (If you don’t count video game cutscenes.)



What if we were the refugees?

The story turns the current world situation upside down depicting Scandinavians as the refugees, seeking asylum in other countries. We follow a mother and her toddler trying to escape Malmö city during a bombing. You experience the story seen from the toddler’s point of view – and I mean that quite literally. You only see through the child’s eyes.

Fitore Osmani on Swedish TVMedia attention to Flykten Från Sverige and VR

The media has taken an interest in the project, and our producer Fitore Osmani has been on Swedish radio as well as television. The Virtual Realty aspect draws in the lenses and microphones to the project – and we in the production team don’t complain.

Empathy is key

Virtual Reality movies are still new and interesting to the media. However, we decided on Virtual Reality for this movie since empathy is key to many of the humanitarian crises in the world now. Especially when opening the doors of your home to people in need, which not only takes guts …

The story’s random endings

Not all audiences will get the same experience from watching Escape From Sweden. The movie features random tracks depending on the escape route chosen by the toddler’s mother. The audience has no control over the choices – it’s not a game.

Like reality, you don’t know if you’ll end by gaining asylum, the border police rejecting you, or perhaps not ever reaching your destination …

Testing moved people

Last year we shot a crude prototype with – as you can see in the video – had an impact even though it was shot in 48 hours and with a budget of 0.

Shooting August 2016

Escape From Sweden – Flykten Från Sverige starts shooting in Malmö at the end of August. Casting is already done. We’ll shoot with a 3D camera consisting of two 4k cameras attached to a rig again strapped on a dummy child, and sometimes an actor.


Director – Joshka Wessels (Holland/Syria/SE)
Fitore Osmanaj (Kosovo/SE), Producer
Idea and composer – Pär Moberg (SE)
Screenwriter – Morten Brunbjerg (DK)
Cinematographer – Mohammad Abusbaih (Palestine/SE)
Programmer – Jannek Egeskov Kristensen (DK)

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