What others say


Thomas Flyvholm Pilgaard, game designer
InnoGames, Hamburg

Morten worked for me as an external writer on an unannounced MMOG at InnoGames. I was impressed with the creativity and thoughtfulness he applies to creating stories that show the reader rather than telling. He works efficiently, has been flexible about our changing schedules and delivers material on time. In addition he has worked constructively with any feedback I provided. Morten has my highest recommendations – he is a person I would definitely want to work with again if I have the opportunity.

IO Interactive

Tore Blystad, game director
IO Interactive, Hitman Absolution

Morten Brunbjerg worked as a freelance writer on Hitman Absolution focusing on AI dialogue. We have a very ambitious and complex AI with one of the biggest scripts in the industry so the pressure to deliver top quality writing for every line of dialogue has been high.

Morten also wrote the in-game dialogue for one of the main characters of Absolution, Layla Stockton, making  her a “real” character within the game. Voiced by Traci Lords and with Morten’s inventive writing, Layla is set to be one of the most memorable characters from Hitman Absolution and possibly in the whole Hitman franchise.


IO Interactive

Eddy May, associate producer
IO Interactive, Hitman Absolution

I had the pleasure to work with Morten on the most hectic of times during the late production of Hitman: Absolution. Demands on an effective localization flow were very high and Morten contributed on both the creative side as an inspiring dialogue writer as on the administrative side, easily identifying problem areas in data management and implementing effective solutions. Being highly self reliant and able to work independent, taking ownership of given challenges to solve, Morten is always ready and confident to support team members whenever this is needed. Morten was a pillar on the team and vital for the successes whilst he was part of the production.


IO Interactive

Eskil Møhl, Drama/Dialog Consultant
IO Interactive, Hitman Absolution

Morten is a stand up guy! A team player. A creative and very solid writer who quickly comprehends the task at hand and never fails to deliver. His analytic mind and inherent understanding of pipeline production makes him a most valuable asset for his co-workers. Should unforeseen challenges pop up Morten is likely the guy with the solution. Good spirited, open minded, cares for what he does and what he is part of, and that really really shows. Lacking thumbs to put up!


Marit (Max) Abrahamsen, Producer
Press Play, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

A dedicated professional with a great attitude, that is how I would describe Morten Brunbjerg. I had the pleasure of working with him at Press Play and I would absolutely welcome the opportunity to do so again. Morten has a very structured approach to his work which made our recording process straight forward. He brings good ideas to the table and great experience to the development team. He is a great colleague to work with having both a creative mindset and ability to create well written dialog and the patience to accommodate necessary changes.


Mikkel Thorsted, game director
Press Play, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Morten was the story writer at the early stages of our coming console title. He was a pleasure to work with and had a good understanding for taking our story-outline to the next level. He had many good ideas and also proved to be very flexible in regards to constantly adjusting the story to fit our game. Morten also proved useful to evolve the different sceneries in our the game. I can recommend Morten to any studio in need of a talented writer.


CapeBrian Meidell, CEO
Cape Copenhagen, several unannounced IP’s

Morten has a great no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to his craft. He has a very deliberate and knowledgeable approach to his writing, which is of great help when met with the myriad of – often conflicting – demands that are asked of a writer for games. As a bonus, he is a great guy to work with.