What I’ve written



Lead writer: Forgotton Anne

Throughline Games / Square Enix Collective


Lead writer on this story driven seamless cinematic adventure set for release in 2017.





Story writer: LEGO Elves movies

LEGO / Ja-Film

(TV Show)

Story writer on this toy concept and TV show.




Storyworld writer: Hero Blocks the skeletoonian

(Steam, Xbox, PS)

Storyworld on this insane, chaotic, and awesome fighting game.





Consulting writer: Keyboard sports



Story and dialogue writer on this wacky celebration of the keyboard.





HitmanAI dialogue writer: Hitman: Absolution

IO Interactive / Square Enix

(PC, Xbox, PS)

AI dialogue writer plus some level specific dialogue for supporting cast.




Consulting writer: Progress to 100


(iPhone, iPad)

Narrative consultant and dialogue writer on this creative puzzle game,





Writer: Tales from the Void

Porta Play /Headup Games


Story and dialogue writer on this inventive, tactical space adventure about a WW1 submarine in space.




ICAWriter: Hitman ICA

IO Interactive / Square Enix


Writer, researcher, and responsible for adding to the Hitman lore while keeping text and facts in tune with the Hitman franchise.



acaratusLead writer: Acaratus

Nodbrim Interactive


Lead writer, story, characters, dialogue, and story world for this turnbased tactical RPG set in a medieval steampunk world of mechanical battle suits.



SpaceHulkConsulting writer: Space Hulk

Full Control

(PC, Mac, iPad)

Dramatic consultant and screenwriter for game intro.




Lead writer: Stikbold!

Game Swing

(PC, Mac)

Story, dialogue and screenwriter for cutscenes on this hilarious and bizarre sports game.




MaxLead writer: Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Press Play

(X-Box One, Xbox 360, PC)

Lead writer, story, characters, dialogue, directing voice actors, organizing script and filenames, script export system to ease voice recordings.



leomonaiconConsulting writer: Leo & Mona

Cape Copenhagen

(Tablets, smartphones)

Developed high concept, characters, and storyworld for this renascence universe for kids.




JaggedStory writer: Jagged Alliance Flashback

Full Control

(PC, Mac, iPad)

Story writer on this turn based strategic classic reborn.




StoryhuntLead writer: Story Hunt (Historiejagt Fyn)

Kulturregion Fyn, PortaPlay, Die Asta Experience

(Smart phones)

Main writer, on this geo app that let’s you experience the history and culture of the Danish island Fyn, told by famous historical characters, celebrities, trolls and ghosts.



runtalesLead writer: Runtales: The Locket


(Smart phones)

Story, plot, characters, dialogue, and script on this story driven running game where you have to physically move to finish the story. (In production)




Lead writer: Rising Generals


(PC, Mac, tablet, smart phone)

Main writer, story, game world, characters, on this action-strategy MMOG, and responsible for setting the tone and feel of the game world.



BrunbjergTeacher & speaker

Nordic Game Conference, Vallekilde Folk School, Danish Film Institute, Creative Europe, and the Danish Ministry of Culture.

Speaking and teaching game writing, dramatic structure, dialogue, and other topics in the area of writing and storytelling.