Expert writing for video games

- Raise the bar on your storytelling.

- Get all the art and none of the artistic temperament.

Clients be like...

Lacking thumbs to put up!

Eskil Mohl

Associate Game director

IO Interactive

Experienced and easy to work with.

Martin Petersen


Game Swing

A pillar on the team!

Eddy May


IO Interactive

No nonsense and knowledgeable writing.

Brian Meidell



My highest recommendations!

Thomas Pilgaard

Game Designer

Inno Games

A talent for writing and understanding people.

Astrid Refstrup


Triple Topping

We want him involved earlier next time.

Tim Garbos

Creative Director


A devoted professional.

Marit Abrahamsen


Press Play.



Free Meeting

I'm not kidding. This meeting is completely free - no strings attached. Let's talk about your game story. We can meet face to face or online.

Indie Demo

You're on a tight budget, I get it. I offer a low rate in exchange for being hired if you go into production. Let's create a demo that sells.

Bulk discount 10+ days


You need writing from an experienced craftsman? No problem. I'll join your team for as long as you need and produce story, dialogue, and narrative.

Bulk discount 14+ days


Does your script need a polish or rewrite? Perhaps you need help with pace, structure or dialogue? Let's fix it. I review 2000 words a day.

Bulk discount 14k words


Tailored workshop

1 or 2 days

Do as LEGO, PortaPlay, Nordisk Film and others. Book a workshop, get inspired and learn the strengths and weaknesses of your story.

Based on the information you share, Itailor a unique story workshop. We discuss theme vs. mechanics, A and B story, character arcs and more...  

Talks and teaching

Are you looking for a speaker or teacher? I have 12 years of experience as a teacher and have given talks for Nordic Game Conference, GIC, Nordisk Film, Danish Writer's Association, MEDIA, and many more.

Book a talk from the list below or go unique and let's discuss a tailored talk just for your company, conference or event.







Lead writer

Forgotton Anne

Video Game

Story Narrative design | Cutscenes | Dialogue

Story by

Lego Elves

Toys & Netflix series

Story | Plot | Additional characters

Story writer

Broken Lines

Video Game

Story | Narrative and dialogue consulting

Written by

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Video Game

Story | Narrative design | Dialogue

Game writer

Hitman: Absolution

Video Game

NPC dialogue | Barks

Game writer


Video Game

Theme | Story | Cutscenes | Dialogue

Game writer


Video game

Theme | Story | Comic book writing

Game writer

Returner Zhero / 77

Video game

Story | Screenwriting | Dialogue



Professional liar


Hi, I'm Morten and I make up things.


I'm an award-winning freelance game writer with 9 years of experience writing and designing stories, narratives, dialogue, and plot.

I work with video games and all kinds of interactive stories. I have experience writing everything from AAA to mobile as well as VR and AR - all in a variety of genres. I also teach and give talks about writing.

I'm based in Copenhagen, Denmark where I work with our many talented game devs. I also write remotely, and on-site, for game developers around the world from Tokyo to Manchester.

I'd love to hear the story of you and your project. Let's find a way we can collaborate.


Make up an excuse to contact me
and get a reply within 12 hours - no exceptions

Level12 v/ Morten Brunbjerg

CVR: 30461215 | (+45) 41 67 69 89

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